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Unite Conferencing, Inc. delivers high quality audio, web and video conferencing solutions to help you succeed.

Whether you need to host a simple reservationless audio conference, a top notch operator assisted event conference, share your desktop with our industry leading web conferencing capability or have a face to face with our video conferencing tools - we guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.

Unite Conferencing is proud to provide our customers with stable and sophisticated technology, so you can host professional conferences.

Benefits Working with Unite

These advantages are ALWAYS included when you choose to work with us

  • No Contracts! 
  • No Hidden Charges! 
  • No Set Up Fees! 
  • No Monthly Fees! 
  • No Surprise Ancillary fees! 
  • Absorbed USF fee! 
  • A Clean and Concise Invoice!
  • Dedicated Account Managers! 
  • Unlimited Training, Web & Audio! 
  • Audio & Web Conferencing 24/7 Tech Support!