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Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced pro, hosting conference calls has never been easier. We offer a North American Toll & Toll-Free dial-in number along with flexible access codes. Instant on-demand, reservationless audio conferencing service which provides for a consistent user experience. Our 24×7 operator assistance & technical support team is always standing by to help with any questions.

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Accelerate project development and decision making by sharing information in real-time. Assemble teams of dispersed employees, business partners and customers without the hassle and expense of travel.



Enhance productivity and reduce your collaboration expenses. You don’t need to sacrifice quality to benefit from this awesome audio conferencing service!


  • Low Rates
  • No Contracts or Minimums!
  • Absorbed USF
  • No sneaky “Cost Recovery” Fees

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Facilitate your meetings with confidence and ease! Unite Conferencing empowers you with robust tools and features that simplify audio conferencing collaboration.


  • Online Host Controls
  • Telephone Keypad Commands
  • Microsoft® Outlook Scheduler
  • Call Recording Capability
  • Post Conference Summary Emails

You’re In Good Hands

The long tenure of the average collaboration team member means you benefit from our industry expertise and premium customer service.


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You get your own dedicated 7-digit access code and passcode when you sign up for our audio conferencing service.


  • To hold a conference call, everyone dials an access phone number and enters the 7-digit access code.
  • When the chairperson enters the passcode the conference call begins.
  • Anyone who dials any access phone number and who uses the same access code is connected to the same conference call — our global network links all the participants.
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Global reach, local convenience, unmatched reliability

Hosting an international conference call? We’ve got you covered! Unite Conferencing offers toll free & local access from popular international business locations around the world.

Global “800” service is a companion to Easy-Access® Audio Conferencing Service. In a nutshell, simple access to world-class audio conferencing around the globe. International Toll Free & local numbers for select countries are available to you with your Easy-Access® Account. Use cost-effective toll-free numbers throughout key business markets worldwide to bring participants together for productive meetings.

Wherever your users are in Europe, North America, Asia/Pacific or Latin America, we offer you the easiest, most reliable access to world.

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Audio Conferencing Service -Standard Features & Account Configuration Options

Sick & Tired of Billing Headaches? We have a Solution!

Easy, instant audio conferencing – no reservations required!
Conference on-demand with our reliable Easy-Access® audio conferencing service. Maintain permanent, toll-free (North America) and toll (International) access for critical meetings.

View Standard Features & Account Configuration Options

Our Monthly Invoice is streamlined so you don’t have to scratch your head trying to figure it out. Do you need to split costs across different departments or projects? You can assign billing account codes to any conference call and our invoice will break out the associated costs. We provide both a .pdf and .xls version for your convenience. View Sample


Unite is dedicated to providing the fundamentals required to host successful conferences, as well as outstanding customer service.

Our “boutique” approach has remained our focus since the very beginning. In other words, we treat all our clients with friendly,white glove service. As a result, there’s a very high degree of customer satisfaction.

We’re proud to service a customer base ranging from small business to State agencies which includes users from nearly all Fortune 500 companies.

Reliable and Trusted Solutions

A Single Provider For All Your Collaboration Needs

Unite Conferencing, Inc. delivers high quality audio, web and video conferencing solutions to help you succeed.

Whether you need to host a simple reservationless audio conference, a top notch operator assisted event conference, share your desktop with our industry leading web conferencing capability or have a face to face with our video conferencing tools – we guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.

Unite Conferencing is proud to provide our customers with stable and sophisticated technology, so you can host professional conferences.

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Technical Support is always available – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right!


Audio Conferencing Service Experts are ready to help you plan your next meeting.

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