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Easy-Access® Web Meeting service makes scheduling and conducting online meetings and webinars easy. Our web conferencing meeting platform eliminates the requirement for special software. Also, our solution supports a broad range of platforms and browsers. In fact, we include a full feature tool set at one affordable price as well. Now you can connect online in the way that is right for you!

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Present with Confidence

Our web conferencing meeting solution enables you to concentrate on the substance of your meeting and not the technology.

Highlights Like :

  • Transition from one program to the next with Desktop/Application Sharing
  • An internet connection and a computer is all you will need to Host on the Go!
  • Complete online moderating tools provide many ways to manage your conference with a click of a button

Share Essential Information

Enjoy robust features during your web meeting to share relevant information with your participants.

Notably :

  • Polling feature available with various question types provides hosts to create a creative and interactive session
  • Chat function available for participants to instantly ask questions to presenters and co presenters
  • Desktop & Application Sharing feature that allows hosts to share the documents and programs that deliver their message

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There’s not enough time in the day as is. These web collaboration tools will help you create and host the web conferencing meeting you need with less time needed!

More Highlights Like :

  • Branded Invitations
  • Registration Notifications
  • Microsoft® Outlook Scheduler
  • Phone Book Dial-Out
  • Call Recording Capability
  • Post Conference Summary Emails

You’re In Good Hands

Another key point, the long tenure of our collaboration team members means you benefit from our industry expertise and premium customer service.

Such As :

  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Personalized Demos
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Knowledge Library
  • Training & Tutorial Videos

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Standard Features & Account Configuration Options

Sick & Tired of Billing Headaches? We have a Solution!

An easy to use, cost-effective web conferencing meeting platform
Easy-Access® Web Meeting service makes scheduling and conducting online meetings and webinars simple. Our web conferencing solution eliminates the requirement for special software and supports a broad range of platforms and browsers.

Account Configuration Options & Features of Web Conferencing

Our Monthly Invoice is streamlined, therefore you don’t have to scratch your head trying to figure it out. Do you need to split costs across different departments or projects? Assign billing account codes to any conference call so that our invoice will break out the associated costs for you. Additionally, we provide both a .pdf and .xls version for your convenience.
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Unite is dedicated to providing the fundamentals required to host successful conferences, as well as outstanding customer service.

Our “boutique” approach has remained our focus since the very beginning. As a result, we have a very high degree of customer satisfaction. We’re proud to service a diverse and international customer base which includes: Small businesses to State agencies, together with users from nearly all Fortune 500 companies. With this in mind, we invite you to join the ranks of thousands of satisfied customers.

Reliable and Trusted Solutions

A Single Provider For All Your Collaboration Needs

Unite Conferencing, Inc. delivers high quality audio, video and web conferencing meeting solutions that help you succeed.

Whether you need to host a reservationless conference call or a top notch operator assisted conference, we can help. Need to share your desktop? We offer industry leading web conferencing capability. Perhaps you require a face to face meeting? Surely our video conferencing functionality will meet your requirements!

In short, we are proud to provide our customers with a stable and sophisticated web conferencing collaboration platform. Start hosting professional conferences now –
We guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.

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Web Conferencing Meeting Experts are ready to help you plan your next session.

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