Recording Your Conference: Never Miss A Detail Again

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Conference calling is all about convenience. While anyone can participate in a call anytime, anywhere – there’s still a chance that some may not be able to join. Should that be the case, a conference call recording comes in handy. It’s a great way to communicate the details of the call for those that couldn’t make it.

Perhaps you’re looking for a way to expand your horizons? Maybe you need a way to reach more people, other than the ones already attending your conference? Good news! Once you’ve downloaded your recording, it’s yours to keep – no one owns it but you. This means, you can post the recording on your website, YouTube channel or any other social media website with ease.

Recording “How To” Tutorial

This video explains the easy process of conference call recording. Equally important, the video covers off on how you can use the included editing tool. Having the ability to review the recording before sharing it with your audience is a major bonus!

Tutorial Contents

  • How to record an audio or web conference
  • Brief explanation of how to record using the online host controls or telephone keypad
  • How to edit your recording
  • Where to retrieve and download your recording
  • How to share through Facebook, Twitter & podcasting
  • Adding security code and registration
  • How to access recording details (Who registered and how long they listened to the recording)

Whether you’re looking to use recordings for promotional reasons or for reviewing purposes, having your calls recorded is a reliable method in helping you keep track of what was said during the call. In most cases, there’s usually a lot of information that’s being shared during meetings. Recording is a good way to keep track of it all. It’s difficult for participants to simultaneously take notes and listen to what is being said. Do your participants a favor and record your conference call.

conference call recording button on web meeting toolbar

Conference Call Recording is Easy

The Easy-Access® Web Meeting program is the only platform that lets users edit their recordings. For example, people who listen to your recordings don’t need to hear how everyone’s day was, or the silent pauses that happen when waiting for everyone to dial in. The editing tool, can remove those unnecessary moments and give you a final cleaned up version that’s to the point and concise.

Recording your audio conference is as easy as pressing *2 on your telephone keypad or if your hosting a webinar, just press the record button on the tool bar located at the top of the easy access web meeting home screen. Once your recording has been completed, you will receive an email with a link directing you to your web meeting portal where you’ll have access to download, edit, or email your recording. The entire process is quick and simple.

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