Shopping for conference call services can be a daunting task! We understand because we’ve been answering questions from buyers for over a decade. Let us help you make an informed decision. We’ve put together a visual overview of some of the key players in the conferencing space, to give you some insight.

Audio Conferencing within North America (Toll Free Rate per minute/per participant/USD) Is A Toll Number Available? International Toll Free Access Web Conferencing Video Conferencing Event / Operator Assisted Conferencing Service Guarantee Support
Unite Conferencing Inc. 2.5 ¢ – 4.9 ¢ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 24/7 Technical Support – Operator Assistance (*0), as well as Monday through Friday 8:30 – 5pm Customer Service.
Go To Meeting™ 8 ¢ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No operator assistance is available during conference call.
WebEx™ 12 ¢ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Online chat support, and support over the phone during the webinar.
Free Conference Call® 3.9 ¢ Yes No Yes Yes No No Only available by calling or contacting support through live chat. No instant support available to join the conference.
Premiere Global Services 5 ¢ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes, star features (*0) and online support via i-meet.
Join Me No Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes, but not available during the call or on weekends. Available Only Monday Through Friday.


Technical Support is always available – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right!


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