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Unite Conferencing is dedicated to helping you realize the greatest value from your conferencing investment. Our FAQ section is a comprehensive guide to using our Audio and Web Conferencing services. We make it easy to find the answer to your conferencing questions and our FAQs are constantly updated to instantly share the most common Questions and Answers.


There are no sign up fees with Unite Conferencing.
Online: Simply complete the sign up form. Your account will be activated within 60 minutes during normal business hours and your new account information/ user instructions will be e-mailed to you.

Offline: Should you prefer to speak to one of our knowledgeable account executives about your needs, they can have you up and running quickly so that you can get back to business.

You will receive all new account information and dialing instructions via e-mail immediately after we process your order.
Your account will be available to use immediately upon approval. New customer approvals occur between the hours of 8:30 AM and 7:00 PM EST.
Unite Conferencing uses the latest digital routing and conference switching equipment. We use full fiber-optic cabling throughout the network, providing callers the finest quality service currently available. We constantly upgrade our system to maintain technical superiority. All our switches has 100% digital ISDN circuits.
There is no charge to your card, when a credit card is used to sign up.


Rates are usually determined by a number of variables: volume of minutes used monthly, frequency of use, additional services used in conjunction with audio conferencing, etc. That said, Unite Conferencing offers extremely competitive rates. Important things to consider when shopping for a conferencing provider is the quality of equipment and the quality of customer service supplied by a provider. With the recent changes to the economy, many providers have reduced their rates along with removing features and most importantly staff (unaware to clients) required to assist clients if and when they experience a challenge with a conference. We ask that you allow us an opportunity to quote your business and share with you why we have been praised for years with our unparalleled quality and customer support.
There are no monthly fees to maintain your account.
No. Unite Conferencing uses the “one rate” method. You save around the clock, and need not be concerned about when calls are made.
Customers who sign up for our services via Credit Card, will be billed each month for the previous months usage (if there was any). Customers who were approved for credit and who’s accounts were established on Invoicing terms, have NET 15 days terms from the date they received their invoice. Please send payment by cheque or certified money order in USD$ to: Unite Conferencing Inc.

334 Cornelia St Suite 209 Plattsburgh, NY 12901


Unite Conferencing Inc.

3910 St-Charles Blvd Suite 202-B Pierrefonds, QC H9H3C6

Our conferencing service is “paperless”. A copy of the invoice is emailed monthly to the main contact or designated bill-to contact for the account.
All calls are rounded to the next whole minute increment on a per participant basis, and rounded to the nearest whole cent.
Unite Conferencing has a monthly billing cycle. Credit Card customers are charged at the end of the billing cycle for all charges incurred. There is no need for a customer with a valid credit card on file to mail in payment, as your card will be charged for the charges incurred and we will email you a copy of your invoice/ account statement. Invoice customers are charged at the end of the billing cycle for all charges incurred. Invoice customers are emailed their invoice and should mail in a check for payment of their invoice. Standard payment for all charges shall be “Net 15 Days from Date of Invoice.” Payment is required in US Dollars in the form of cheque or certified money order. Unite Conferencing shall have the right to impose a late payment charge of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month (18% per annum) or the rate prescribed by law, whichever is lower, calculated from the past due date.
Please send us an email with your Company ID as well as new contact information  and we will be pleased to update our records.
Our conferencing service is “paperless”. A copy of the invoice is emailed monthly to the main contact or designated bill-to contact for the account. If you wish to receive a copy of your invoice by mail, please note a S&H charge will be added to your next invoice.
You can cancel your account at anytime. We will send you a Final Invoice for any outstanding usage.

Easy-Access® Reservationless Audio Conferencing

As is the case with all conference call service providers, Unite Conferencing rates calls based on total minutes for the call. The total conference call minutes are calculated by multiplying the number of participants by the number of minutes. Example – If you are going to have a confernece all with 10 people that will last an hour you would multiply the number of people (10) X the the number of minutes (60) to get the total number of minutes (600). The cost is then calculated by multiplying the total number of minutes by your per minute rate.
Conference call minutes are calculated by multiplying the number of participants, including the Moderator or Leader of the conference, times the number of minutes the call lasts. For example – If you have 10 people on a conference call and it lasts one hour (60 minutes) you would multiply 10 X 60 to equal 600 conferencing minutes.
After you complete the sign up process online you will receive an email containing your conference call information in less than 60 minutes. Once you receive your information you can begin hosting reservationless conference calls immediately.
Yes, you can record the audio portion of your conference by dialing *2 and following the instructions provided by the prompts.
Unite Conferencing does support International callers. They can access the conference using the Direct Dial-In (TOLL) number. Alternatively, you can use Unite Conferencing’s EASY-ACCESS® GLOBAL “800” SERVICE to provide your participants Toll and/or Toll- Free access within their country. Please visit our ITFS Number Availabilty spec sheet to verify the countries currently supported.
Yes, a Participant code will be provided to you for distribution to all of your Guests on your conference calls.
Yes, a Permanent North-American Toll-Free number will be provided to you.
Yes. Your account is provisioned for North American dial-out upon signup. The dial-out feature is useful for joining participants to a conference call. From within the conference dial *1 as the Host and follow the instructions. In terms of International Dial-Out availability, this service will need to be activated by your Account Manager.
Unite offers Chairperson and Participant Telephone Keypad Commands to help control your reservationless calls.
Echoes are commonly caused by: speaker phones, polycom phones, voip telephones, headsets, cell phones, or it may be a bad connection from a particular participant. If you experience an echo/ reverb/ clipping on a conference, by having participants indivually mute out their lines (*6) you’ll be able to identify the participant with the problematic line. Additionally, pressing (00) during a conference will summon an operator who will be pleased to assist you in identifying the problematic line. Once identified, it is recommended that the individual participant remain muted to avoid disrupting the conference call and un-mute their line (*7) if and when they are required to comment in the call, then place themselves back in mute mode when finished , using (*6).
No reservations are required! You will be provided with a Permanent Toll-Free and Direct Toll Dial-In number, with a Chairperson and Participant code set when you sign up. Simply use them every time you want to conduct a conference call!
All new accounts are provisioned to accommodate 150 participants by default. If additional lines are required (up to 300), please contact your account manager.
Typically, you will receive your information in less than 60 minutes after you sign up for the service. Please check your Spam folder and see if the email confirmation ended up in there. All orders are filled between the hours of 8:30 am and 7:00 pm EST Mon – Fri.

Easy-Access® Web Meeting

The Web Conference button toggles — you will use it to turn your online conference on or off. A status indicator on your screen shows whether Web Conference is currently on or off. Your participants will only see the content that shows in the window on the right of your control screen, so you can always see exactly what you are showing to them. If you are not showing a slide or graphic, they will be looking at the branded Easy-Access Web Meeting screen and it will also appear in your control window.
No, from the Web Conference control screen, the Chairperson can upload a new file and add/delete slides at no charge without starting a Web Conference. If the Chairperson double clicks on one of the preview thumbnail slides, they will get a message that says they need to start a Web conference to present to their participants. If they select “No,” they will be able to preview all the slides as if they were hosting a web conference.
2,000 online participants is the maximum, though no more than 350 are recommended if application sharing.
1024 x 768 (800 x 600 is supported as well); for lower resolution, the viewer can use the scroll bars to see the screen.
The first step is to check your Java version against the requirements. Follow the steps below to check the status of Java:

  1. To test your browser and network connections for compatibility prior to the conference, go to:
  2. You will receive feedback about Java once the test completes.

Operator Assisted Event Conferencing

There are two ways to schedule your next event call:



  1. Call to set up your conference with our Scheduling Department at 1-800-624-9923, option 4. Please note you must have an account with us in order to schedule an Event Call.
  2. You will be asked to provide the following information: Date and time of the call Anticipated duration of the call Type of service Number of participants Account information Name and telephone number of chairperson and contact person Names and telephone numbers of participants (if Dial-Out call)
  3. After speaking with a Reservationist who will gather your call specifications, You will receive a reservation number, a verbal and emailed confirmation, and the phone numbers for your conference.
  4. Inform conference participants of the scheduled date, time, and dial-in phone number.
Ideal for high-profile, C-level communication such as investor relations calls, merger/acquisition announcements, etc… Supports wide range of audience sizes from small to large Full-service operator coordination, monitoring, and support Participant list, roll call service available Operator greeting, placement into call Customizable greeting and information capture Operator-managed Q&A sessions Toll/toll-free access or operator dial-out Security screening, password access Full suite of Enhanced Services We encourage you to visit our Feature Matrix for further clarification.
Great for employee town hall meetings and other internal/external communication to large, dispersed group of employees or customers/partners All the benefits of Easy-Event Call; except most of the participants must join the meeting automatically Selective dial-in numbers for speakers, listen-only and interactive participants Full-service operator coordination, monitoring, and support Customizable greeting and information capture for greeted participants Operator-managed Q&A sessions Toll and toll-free access Security screening, password access Full suite of Enhanced Services We encourage you to visit our Feature Matrix for further clarification.
Optimized for one-way communication and/or speaker/participant exchanges, such as new product introductions Book meeting time, setup attendance with a single phone call Selective dial-in numbers for speakers, listen-only and interactive participants Participant status can be changed during call by press * 0 for the operator No bells, no whistles – a larger conferencing solution for day-to-day business calls. We encourage you to visit our Feature Matrix for further clarification.
A Communication Line can be set-up to coordinate all activities with the operator during the event call. A participant list can be faxed to the conference leader(s) within five minutes after the call has began. Using the Communication Line, the Q/A session can be coordinated before and during the conference.
With an operator-assisted conference (EASY-EVENT® CALL SERVICE or EASY-EVENT EXPRESS® CALL SERVICE), operators can “clear” participants for the conference call. Prior to the conference, the customer provides to Unite Conferencing, via fax or e-mail, a participant list of people who are “cleared” to attend the conference call. As participants call in, operators obtain their names. That information is then compared to the participant list provided by the customer. If the name is on the list, the participant is placed in the conference. If the name does not appear on the list, those callers are placed in a separate clearance conference while we clear them pending the chairperson or other designated person’s approval. All callers not approved for clearance are restricted from attending the conference call. A list of actual attendees can be faxed or e-mailed to the customer shortly after the start of the call as well as after the call is complete.
Participant lists are typically sent via fax within an hour following the conclusion of a conference. Upon request, special arrangements can be made to fax participant lists during or at the conclusion of a conference. The list will include participant names and may also include other information specified at the time of reservation. A full participant list is available with EASY-EVENT® CALL SERVICE; a partial list is available with EASY-EVENT EXPRESS® CALL SERVICE (i.e., not including participants who dial in and are placed into conference automatically)
Recording is a value-added service, available with EASY-EVENT® CALL SERVICE or EASY-EVENT EXPRESS® CALL SERVICE that allows the conference call to be recorded.

Wav files are available via a Web link. It is recommended that you copy this file to your own Website for streaming.

For an additional fee, customers may order a soft-copy of their recorded file (.wav), which you may retrieve via the Unite Conferencing Web site. Once you has retrieved the file, you may post it to your company website for listener access if desired.

(Please note: Unite Conferencing does not host these files for listener access.)

Recordings are stored for 90-days and then are purged from our system. A request for recording can be made either at the time the conference call is reserved or at least 30 minutes prior to the conference call start time. During the standard conference call introduction, an announcement is made to all participants giving notice that the call will be recorded.

Yes! Our service does provide a digital recording and replay of a previously recorded conference call or message, allowing a user to listen as their schedule permits. This is available with Event Call services and includes the following features: A toll-free access number and a reservation number are provided to the client contact. Toll access numbers are available only for international participants. The client contact is responsible for distributing the phone number, reservation number and the available reserved time period. “.wav” files are available via a Web link. It is recommended that the client copy this file to their own Website for streaming. For an additional fee, customers may order a soft-copy of their recorded file (“.wav”), which the customer may retrieve via the Unite Conferencing Web site. Once the customer has retrieved the file, they may post it to their company site for listener access if desired. (Please note: Unite Conferencing does not host these files for listener access.) Digital Playback can be available one hour after the original conference call ends. Recordings for Digital Playback are stored for 30 days and then are purged from the system. Passcode protection is offered in addition to using the reservation number for accessing the system. Custom greetings can introduce the previously recorded conference. Transcription of name capture available for download.
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