How to Initiate Desktop Sharing

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Displaying a PowerPoint presentation is the preferred strategy for many presenters. But desktop sharing offers a change of pace that keeps the attention of your participants while you host.

Just like telling a story, you want to keep your audience engaged when giving a presentation. Although PowerPoint slides can be informative, that does not mean your audience will remain attentive. When using only Power Point, it can be especially difficult trying to create a professional looking presentation that stands out.

What better way, when showcasing data, than to show your audience something other than words or pictures? Consider bringing them to a website or displaying data from an in-house application. Desktop sharing gives your participants a dynamic way of viewing information during your Easy-Access® Web Meeting.

Desktop Sharing “How To” Video

Step by Step

desktop sharing button on toolbar
  • The Share Desktop icon shares your desktop with meeting participants. As a result, you can demonstrate actions or show content in other windows. The Conference Controls window goes away and is replaced with the Sharing Control Bar (Shown Below).
  • To stop sharing your desktop, click the green circle icon on the left of the Recording button. This will return you to the Conference Controls window,
desktop sharing control bar
  • The Sharing Control Bar appears whenever you share applications. Granting control of your desktop or individual applications, will also temporarily replace the Conference Controls window.
  • Click and hold the Move icon to drag it to a new location on the screen. The control bar appears horizontally when you drag it to the top or bottom of the screen. It appears vertically when you drag it to the left or right. It also snaps to the edges of the screen.
  • The Return icon ends sharing or control and returns to the Conference Controls window in slide sharing mode.
  • The Record icon starts or stops recording the meeting.
  • The Pause icon pauses sharing. Once paused, participants will see what was last shared on the screen until the “play” button is selected.
  • The Share Desktop icon shares your desktop with meeting participants.
  • The Share Applications icon shares individual applications with meeting participants.
  • The Grant Control icon grants control of your desktop or individual applications to a meeting participant.
  • The Participants icon displays a list of participants.
  • The Phone icon displays the audio control panel.
  • The Chat icon opens the chat controls.
  • The Minimize icon minimizes the Sharing Control Bar.


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