Control Your Conference with Online Host Controls

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Online Host Control Tool on a laptop

The Online Host Control panel makes it simple to manage your Easy-Access® reservationless audio conference.

Looking to control your conference online and visually identify who’s on your call? Then you’ll want to take advantage of our online host control tool.

Check out the video below! Become a master at hosting conference calls!

Here’s a snap shot of the functionality available with a click of the mouse!

    • Disconnect Participant(s)
    • Play Recorded Name Clip & Rename the line
    • Mute and Unmute all or specific participant(s)
    • Start and Stop a Recording
    • Permit the conference to continue without the Chairperson
    • Place the conference in listen only mode
    • Request Operator Assistance
    Online Host Control Tutorial Overview

    This training video covers How to Access and use your Online Host Controls, which include features such as:

    • Mute/Unmute Lines
    • Dial Out to participants
    • Record
    • Lock/Unlock the Conference
    • Be able to identify who is attending your call
    • Visually Identify your participants attending your Conference
    • Using your online phonebook

    Using Host Controls to Manage your
    Conference Call?

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