How to Conference Call using Easy-Access® Reservationless Audio Conferencing

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how to conference call on the telephoneAttempting to learn how to conference call for the first time? Primary instinct is to Google EVERYTHING there is to know about how conferencing works, right? Sigh. Only you realize that not all conference suppliers are made equal. Before you become frustrated with all the different process’s out there, take a deep breath. We’ll outline what you need to know, so you can begin conference calling like a pro!


Step 1- How many people will be dialing into your conference (including the host)?

Some providers have restrictions on the amount of people that can join. In some instances, a provider can impose time limits. Once you know your calls can be accommodated, it’s time to set up your call.

Step 2- Surely, You’ll need Invitations.

When your account is created, you will be provided with Dial-In Information. These details are required to start a conference call. You will be given a toll and a toll free number, as well as codes for the leader and participants.

When creating your email invitation, be sure to only include the information for your participants and do not include the host code. If you’d like to save some time, try the outlook scheduler. This tool will automatically pre-populate all your conference details in an email with a click of a button.

Finally, before hitting that send button, always verify the time of your meeting. Some participants may be located in a different time zone, so it’s always a good idea to choose a time that’s appropriate for everyone that’s invited.

Step 3- Now, Start your Conference Call.

At the time of your call, dial into your conference using the toll or toll free number, enter your 7 digit access code, your host code and that’s it. As participants begin joining the call, the host will hear a beep. The beep tone indicates that someone has joined the conference.


Learn how to conference call / start a ad-hoc audio conference call using the Easy-Access® Reservationless Audio platform.

Easy-Access® Reservationless provides both toll & toll-free access to our conference bridge 24/7, without the need to schedule your conference in advance. Take advantage and watch this tutorial to see how easy it is!

Our “How To” video covers:

  • Welcome Document Review
  • How to start the actual conference call
  • Best Practices

You get your own dedicated 7-digit access code and passcode when you sign up for our service.

  • To hold a conference call, everyone dials an access phone number and enters the 7-digit access code.
  • When the chairperson enters the passcode the conference call begins.
  • Anyone who dials any access phone number and who uses the same access code is connected to the same conference call — our global network links all the participants.

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