International Conferencing Simplified

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international conferencing concept

Hosting an audio conference or webinar is a simple process. For callers located within North America, simply provide the participants with the Easy-Access® Toll or Toll Free Dial-In Phone Number, the 7 digit access code and that’s it.

However, what about folks having to connect from overseas, is international conferencing just as easy? It sure is!

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International Conferencing Method #1
Dial-In to a Global 800 Access Phone Number

If you have any participants or hosts looking to connect from a location outside of North America, they must use an International toll or toll free number specific to the country they are calling from. Simply contact Unite Conferencing or log into your conference portal to view our most recent list of international phone numbers.

Long distance charges applied by local carriers are the responsibility of the participant when using international toll numbers.

International Calling Method #2
Dial-In to a Toll North American Access Phone Number

If a Toll or Toll Free number is not available for any particular country, the caller may use the North American secondary access number. You’ll find this toll number in the Welcome Document which we send upon signup.

Long distance charges applied by local carriers are the responsibility of the participant when using secondary access toll numbers.

International Conferencing Method #3
Host Dial Out to Participant

When international participants need to connect to your conference, the host simply needs to provide a Global 800 Phone Number (specific to the country) along with the 7 digit access code (see above for International Calling Method #1). On very few occasions, when an international toll or toll free number is not available, the host can take advantage of the dial out feature.

international calling using dial-out star feature diagram

To begin dialing out, the host simply presses *1, to initiate the process.

For participants located outside of North America or the Caribbean: The host (located in North America) must first enter 011 followed by the country code and the phone number of the participant.

For participants located within North America or the Caribbean: The area code and phone number is all that’s needed.

Dial Out Features

Now, once the host has connected with the participant, they have the option of pressing:
*1 to return to the conference call with the new participant
*2 place the participant into the conference and dial out to another person
*3 disconnect the line and return to the conference. If the host is unable to reach the participant (i.e. busy signal, voice mail etc.), this option is useful.
*4 disconnect the line and try dialing out again.

Indeed, Dial-Out is a feature that no conference host should be without. As a matter of fact anytime help is needed, the host may press *0 to summon an operator for assistance 24/7. By default, international dial out is only enabled upon request. Simply call your dedicated Account Executive.

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