Managed Event Calls Help You Step up your Conferencing Game!

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staff for operator assisted conference callsOperator Assisted Conference calls offer many features that you won’t find with a automated reservationless conferencing platform.


Managed Event calls, involve a highly trained operator who will be on the call from the beginning until the end.

Depending on how large your audience is, and what you will need, you may have multiple operators on the call at once.

With operator assisted conference calls, you barely have to do anything and we mean that. When the call is scheduled, you can request just about anything. Maybe you would like to have the operator call you instead of having to dial-in? How convenient is that? You can have operators meet and greet your guests and have them ask questions that you have provided. The operators could then give you the answers to these questions before the call begins or once the call has ended. It’s completely up to you!


Having an operator handle your participants and ensuring all the pieces are in the right place, allows you to concentrate on what matters most, the content. By removing the burden of having to oversee the technical aspect of the call, you now have more time to relax and you can now organize your presentation the right way, knowing everything is in the right place.


Who doesn’t want to have a quick in and out meeting? No fuss, no muss. Well, the reality of squeezing in hours of material in only a few minutes will probably never happen. However having a conference call that lasts longer than expected is definitely a possibility.

To remedy this, Operators can help you with your time management by moderating participants for you. Let’s say you have decided to open the floor for questions and answers. What happens if the questions or comments end up lasting more than the time allotted?

That’s where your trusty operator will jump in, and mute that persons line. We know it may sound a little abrupt or even harsh, but in reality, when an operator is the one that has to intervene, the parties involved rarely take offence.

Operator Assisted Conference calls are a game changer. It’s no mystery why more and more companies opt for a more robust service, that delivers on all levels.

Don’t leave your next call up to chance, and opt for operator assisted conference calls. We work harder so you don’t have to!

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