How to Use the Outlook Scheduler

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We include, at no additional charge, The Microsoft ® Outlook Scheduler downloadable plugin for all our clients.

The Outlook Scheduler ® plugin, allows you to create and send invitations to participants. Your email will automatically be pre-populated with your conference details. How convenient, right? Whether you’re organizing a future conference or looking to host a conference on the fly, providing participants with your conference details couldn’t be easier!

In the “How To” video above, we explain how to download the scheduler. Also, we touch on the features of this popular plugin, and walk through best practices to get you started.

Downloading the Outlook Scheduler

To download the scheduler click the button below

When the Outlook Scheduler ® has finished downloading, open Microsoft® Outlook. The scheduling options will appear at the top, right hand side of the screen.

outlook toolbar scheduler plugin screenshot
  • First click on “Setup” and begin entering your name and email under “My Account
  • Then click “My Subscription” to begin entering the toll-free conference phone number. As well as the 7 digit access code and chairperson pass code.
  • Under  “Global Dial-In Phone Numbers”, click on edit. You can now choose from a list of international toll and toll free numbers. You can change these pre-populated numbers anytime.
  • Click “Done” when finished.
  • Return to the top of your toolbar and click “Schedule Meeting”. A drop down menu will appear where you can select the type of meeting you’re looking to host.

Meeting Types

AUDIO MEETING: An audio only conference will create an invitation with only the North American toll free numbers. The international toll / toll-free numbers will populate, if any were selected during the set up process. Since this is an invitation for your participants, the 7 digit access code will also pre-populate.

outlook scheduler audio only meeting screenshot

AUDIO & WEB MEETING: The audio/web option will provide with the same audio details except there will be a link that your participants will use to join the web conference.

outlook plugin audio and web meeting screenshot

WEB MEETING: As for the last meeting option; “web conference”, the web link is the only detail that will populate in the email.

outlook scheduler web meeting screenshot

Hosting a Meeting

start-a-meetingIf you would like to host a meeting right away, just press the green “Start a Meeting” button. A second window will open where you will be asked to provide your name, and chairperson code.

You may also fill out the “Call Me” portion, so the system may dial out to you instead of having to dial into the conference. You can save this information for all future conferences. Now all you have to do, is enter the emails of your participants then send your invites.

Call Me feature screenshot

The Outlook Scheduler ® is a very fast and efficient way to organize your meetings in advance. Never have to worry about misplacing your conferencing information ever again because your access codes and numbers will be saved!

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