Star Code & Pound Commands – Tutorial Video

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Using Star Code & Pound Commands

Hosting a Conference Call can be a intimidating experience especially if you have never hosted a call before. Our telephone keypad star code and pound commands help control your Easy-Access® Reservationless or Global 800 audio conference!

Have you ever wondered what to do in case something goes wrong during your conference call?

Like, what to do if someone’s background noise begins to drown everything out or if you’ve jumped on the conference and you have no idea who’s already joined? There are many moving parts to a conference call, and you need a way to manage those parts in order to have the best possible experience.

Star Code and Pound Command List for Chairperson
Star Code List for Participants

By knowing how to use the telephone keypad commands, you eliminate the guess work when moderating your participants.

This tutorial will help you become more familiar with the Star Codes and Pound Commands and offer some helpful tips on when to use them.

Learn more about Chairperson and Participant star code (*) and pound commands (#) by watching the video today!

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