International Calling Simplified

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Hosting an audio conference or webinar is a simple process. For your callers located within North America, the host simply provides the participants with the Easy-Access® Toll or Toll Free Dial In Phone Number, the 7 digit access code and that’s it. However, what about folks having to connect from overseas, is international calling just as easy? It sure is! … Read More

How to Initiate Desktop Sharing

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Although displaying a PowerPoint presentation is the preferred strategy for many presenters, desktop sharing offers a change of pace that helps to keep the attention of your participants while you host. Just like telling a story, you want to keep your audience engaged when giving a presentation. Although PowerPoint slides can be informative, that does not mean your audience will … Read More

How to Conference Call using Easy-Access® Reservationless Audio Conferencing

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When attempting to learn how to conference call for the first time, your primary instinct is to google everything there is to know about how conferencing works. Only to realize that not all conference suppliers are made equal. So before you become frustrated with all the different process’s out there, take a deep breath and this article will outline what … Read More

Managed Event Calls Help You Step up your Conferencing Game!

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Operator assisted or managed event conferencing, is a service that offers many features that you won’t find with the automated reservationless conferencing platform. Managed Event calls, involve a highly trained operator who will be on the call from the beginning until the end. Depending on how large your audience is, and what you will need, you may have multiple operators … Read More

Video conferencing for your business

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Year after year, advancing technologies continue to change the way in which we communicate with colleagues across the globe. With so many options available, why is video conferencing becoming the new standard for communicating? It’s simple, people are realizing the strong impact a visual component brings to the table. You simply can’t achieve the same results, with an audio only … Read More

Audio Conference Tips for Success

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Do you remember a time when conferencing over the phone wasn’t really a big deal? On a personal level, growing up, the closest thing to a “conference call” was using the “Three-Way” feature on my telephone. Dialing out to my buddies and having conversation was fun but very expensive, not to mention that whoever tried calling, would only be greeted … Read More

Conference Calling and its Benefits

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Business’s today are constantly evolving and adapting. With advancements in technology, social media and telecommunications; staying ahead of the competition is becoming more and more difficult. One part of the business landscape that has changed is the “everyday meeting”. Delivering a presentation in the big ole boardroom is becoming a less viable solution in some situations. With escalating travel costs … Read More