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Video Uploading – When words aren’t enough

In this “how to” video, we explain how easy it is to include video files with your PowerPoint slides. Although PowerPoint slides are an effective and efficient way to deliver your message, adding videos to your presentation adds extra layer of interactivity and will make your meeting that much more engaging.

Video uploading within the Easy-Access® Web Meeting platform is so simple. When the web meeting application is open, simply click on the insert and manage button at the bottom of the screen then select insert video, select your file and that’s it.

video uploading insert and manage button

What’s great with this process is that your participants don’t have to download anything on their side; it’s as easy watching any other video online. Keep in mind that the maximum size of each video must be no more than 100MB, and you may upload up to 10 video clips in your library.

In addition to the size of the video, the following formats are compatible:

  • FLV
  • MP4
  • Mpeg
  • SWF
  • Wmv
  • Mp3
  • Wav
  • Wma

Start using Video and get the most out of your conferences

Once you’re video is uploaded, you just need to double click the file to play it for your participants. Just like any other slides in your presentation, you can drag and drop the video window anywhere in your presentation and once you no longer need the file, you can delete it anytime.

video uploading screenshot

Video uploading can also be used to help demonstrate products, especially for those sales people constantly on the road hosting conferences on the go. When meeting a client in person may not be possible, why not invite them to a conference and show them a quick video of your product in action? It’s a known fact that people process visual images such as pictures and videos much faster than plain text.

So the next time, you plan on organizing a webinar, try to uploading a video or two and you’ll see that it will go a long way with your participants.

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