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Web polling is a great way in keeping your audience engaged, as well as interested in your presentation. Polls are also a great way of knowing how well your audience understands the information you’re presenting.

This video explains how you can create polling questions using the Easy-Access® Web Meeting platform. You can choose from different types of polls. Choose from multiple-choice single answers to essay style responses; it’s completely up to you. Once your polls have been answered, you can then share the responses with your audience. Additionally, you can download the results to your desktop for future review.

Best Practices for Web Polling

If Polls are new to you, here are some best practices to get the most from your audience.

  • Make sure to keep your questions simple
  • Only ask one question at a time.
  • Let participants know how to answer the polling question. Despite the fact, that there are more people using webinars, you may still come across people who have never attended a webinar or have participated in any online polls or surveys. Keep these types of audience members in mind and explain how they can answer the questions.
  • You don’t have to reveal the size of your audience. This is a little trick of the trade. It may happen that the amount of people in attendance is a little less than you had originally anticipated. That’s okay! What’s important is your content. If you’re looking to share the results of your polls but feel that the response was minimal, simply address the results as if you were speaking to a large audience. The main purpose for polls is that they help you understand what resonates with your participants to get the best reaction and response. As you learn more about the people you’re speaking to, you can then fine tune and modify your polls, and you’ll eventually find the perfect formula that works best for you and your audience.
  • Allow Neutral responses for your audience. You want to try and get the most honest answer as possible, and forcing your attendees to pick an answer you’ve chosen isn’t the best way. So make sure to include answers where an audience member can opt out. Ex: “Does not apply”, “No opinion”, “Neutral” etc.
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You can have up to 200 slides or polls at any time, and they will remain uploaded in the Easy-Access® Web Meeting platform until you delete them. If you have other co presenters during your webinar, they will also have access to the slides and they can present or create their own polls before or even during the webinar.

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