What is Telecommuting and How You Can Benefit

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Ok so you’ve heard about working remotely, but exactly what is telecommuting?

It’s a simple enough concept.

Telecommuting refers to making use of the Internet, email, telephone and other collaboration tools to work from home or a location other than the traditional office.

Throughout the years, we’ve witnessed a complete evolution in the way we work and communicate. Although telecommuting has been around since the 70’s, it has only started gaining popularity in recent years.

The new generation of telecommuters is expanding as we speak. More and more companies agree on the fact that remote workers are more productive when allowed the flexibility to control their schedule and with the easily accessible collaboration tools available on the marketplace, telecommuting is also cost-effective business strategy.

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Flexibility = Freedom

Primarily, workers who telecommute are more flexible when they are able to schedule their actual work ahead. The secret in this is that they know their most effective periods and productivity bursts.

This results in a win-win situation for both the business and worker and who doesn’t like a win-win?

It goes without saying that some individuals are morning people (given enough coffee!). While other people prefer working late (more coffee anyone?).

By providing employees the ability to work remotely and offering them reliable communication tools, a business can enjoy the benefit of a more productive worker. In the process, businesses save on their in-office coffee expenses too!


Employees that telecommute definitely become happier and feel valued. After all, they have their own working hours to organize – which makes them more fulfilled and focused on their work. They are also proven to work harder.

This adds up to a state of improved morale, and a state in which stress and anxiety fade away.

Cost Savings All Around

The expenses that come with working in a traditional office add up quickly. Expenses like transportation costs, office attire and daily meals can put a strain on household cash flow. Whereas working remotely has an immediate positive impact on an employee’s personal bottom line.

Businesses also financially benefit from telecommuting as well. According to some research, it is estimated that a company saves $11k for each employee that telecommutes.

Say Goodbye to the Dreaded Commute

Significant, unproductive, time that’s normally spent commuting to and from work is saved by being a teleworker. Less commute time can put a significant amount of hours back at the employees disposal . Remote Work allows an employee to effectively manage their home and family life.

By eliminating commute time, a business is promoting the overall health and well being of their employee.

A Healthy Planet is a Better Planet

If telecommuting continues to expand on an international level, it can dramatically improve the environment. By reducing the automobile emissions, cutting fuel consumption and eliminating the high demand for heating, cooling and lighting – telecommuting pioneers the way to a better environment.

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